Top 5 Best Massage Chairs in India 2020 (Buying Guide)

Topic: Best Massage Chairs in India 2020 (Buying Guide)

It’s hard to find anything they’ll come close to the calming effect of a good massage after a long day at work.

However, not everyone has the time and energy to visit a massage parlor after spending so much time at work.

Even worse, professional masseuse doesn’t come cheap, and not everyone can afford to hire one.

This is where a GOOD massage chair can come in.

Massage chairs are able to replicate massage techniques by working out all kinds of muscle kinks and knots, leaving your body feel limber and healthy again.

Furthermore, they can help reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and prevent muscle injuries.

Read on as we bring you the Top 5 BEST Massage Chairs that are the best fit for you.

Whether you need a reclining zero-gravity or full body massage chair will lay down everything for you.

If you want to find more information or the best offer prices about these products mentioned in this article, we’ve left links with the products, so without further delay let’s jump right in.

Best Massage Chairs in India

1. Bodyfriend Phantom 4D4D Heating & Rocking
2. JSB MZ23Zero Gravity
3. Bodyfriend 3DMassage Chair For Relaxation
4. JSB MZ163D Space Saving Design
5. KosmoCare ShiatsuOverall Cheapest

1. Bodyfriend Phantom

Bodyfriend Phantom 4D Heating & Rocking Massage Chair India

4D Heating & Rocking

  • Air Purifying System
  • 76 Air Bags
  • Zero Gravity System


Bodyfriend Phantom 4D massage chair uses space capsule-type armrests, embedded-type airbags, and a dotted surface, which means the arms get a comfortable massage, irrespective of the angle at which the chair is reclined.

This feature in combination with the air pressure massage on seat and leg areas, and the zero-gravity function, allows your body to enjoy a sensation of comfort.

4D curved rail technology which, in combination with the patented 4D massage mechanical core, offers a multi-angle integrated massage for your back and buttocks.

This technology is a breakthrough, in that it exceeds the capabilities of the traditional L-shaped rail Each individual part and the massage chair as a whole is manufactured under the strictest production standards.

There are 5 major categories that comprise over 169 quality inspection procedures for each massage chair, such as the raw materials inspection, the semi-finished product assembly process inspection, the assembly inspection, and the ex-factory product inspection.

Our pursuit of perfection in quality has one goal: to offer our consumers the perfect experience.

Bodyfriend Phantom 4D massage chair has low energy consumption. While the working power of the massage chair is 240 W, its energy consumption is only 1 W in standby mode, which meets European ECO standards.

The internal structure has a constant pressure design, and the motor, valves, and air pump use 24 V safety voltage.

You have the option to use a smartphone or a tablet computer to control the massage chair via Bluetooth.

Connect your device via Bluetooth to the chair’s intelligent terminal to play music, or connect via the audio cable to the chair’s connector base.

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2. JSB MZ23


Zero Gravity Chair

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Touch Button Panel
  • Zero Gravity System


JSB MZ23 Massage Chair Full Body Recliner Zero Gravity for Home & Office comes with Cushioned Back Rollers.

The zero gravity full body massage chair has the Largest Roller Reach and a person seeking body pain relief can even adjust the Shoulder & Height according to their need.

These massage chairs for the home living room comes with specialized body scanning so as to customize the massage experience according to the user’s spine length.

This JSB Massage Chair for leg and back is equipped with multiple airbags which press against shoulder, arms, hips, calves, and foot to give full-body muscle pain relief.

This massager chair for blood circulation is equipped with zero gravity massage, which helps elevate pain in the spine and spot massage which can be effectively used to massage specific pain areas in the back and lumbar region.

This body massaging chair is a blessing for short people as it can adjust according to user height.

The JSB massager chair full body comes with 1 Year On-Site Door Step Warranty.

JSB Healthcare also provides AMC and Dedicated Product Specialist Assistance.

3. Bodyfriend 3D

Bodyfriend 3D Black Massage Chair For Relaxation India

Massage Chair For Relaxation

  • Automatic System
  • Head Massage
  • Cloud Type Airbag


3D technology Automatic massage chair keeps you relaxed helps in relieving muscle tension and aids better blood circulation.

The zero gravity massage chair improves the sleeping Quality with Bluetooth music.

This 3D massage chair provides a relaxing and comfortable stretch massage.

This 3D massage chair gives you heating back massage, cloud type airbag massage, etc.

4. JSB MZ16

JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair For Home And Office India

3D Space Saving Design

  • 3d Back & Leg Massage Functions
  • Target Specific Zones
  • Best In Class Spot Massage


Full body massage chair for home and office with luxury 3d space-saving design needs just 6 cm at the back to recline, shoulder-width adjustment is possible as per user’s chest width.

Also, adjust the shoulder airbags manually as per the user’s shoulder width.

Its key functions are kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, air squeeze, thumping, wide roller coverage, one-button start.

Compact & handy remote with full customization, with soothing heat along with roller massage.

5 auto modes that are ache relief, comfort, demo relax, upper body and lower body.

The best in class spot massage option to target specific zones on your back with any massaging mode.

You can increase or decrease the intensity of rollers and increase or decrease the air pressure of airbags as per requirement.

Zero gravity massage for full-body relaxation and de-stress.

Expert Stretching massage for back and leg: excellent for reliving early morning body stiffness.

Two modes memory: user can save their favorite mode for repeating it in the future.

Airbags on shoulder/arms/legs/foot.

Can adjust to any user height: a blessing for short people.

Leg airbag massage plus foot roller massage insole plus scrapping massage on ankle and calf plus ankle lift airbag massage.

1-year on-site door step warranty, AMC available.

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5. KosmoCare Shiatsu

KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage Chair for Full Body Massage India

Overall Cheapest

  • 5 Massage techniques
  • Pressure-point Detection Scans
  • Best Body Massage


It provides you an ideal massage, whether you want to recover fatigue, relieve pain or just sooth yourself, this product is your best choice.

KosmoCare massage chairs have 5 Massage techniques improve flexibility and present you blissful relaxation.

This massage chair has Pressure-point detection scans your shoulders and locates strategic points precisely.

The gentle heating of waist and foot further soothes aches and improves blood circulation which enhances the massage experience.

Final Words

That completes our list of top 5 best massage chairs in India. We hope that we have helped you pick the right product with no hassle.

Don’t hesitate to check out our article on the best office chairs for more chair choices.

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