Bodyfriend Phantom 4D Heating & Rocking Massage Chair India

Key Features of Bodyfriend Phantom 4D Heating & Rocking Massage Chair

  • Easy design, easy operation
  • Control panel operating system
  • Pioneering L-shaped rail
  • Multi-angle integrated massage for back and buttocks
  • New curved rail provides synchronization of back and buttocks
  • Heating Back Massage Roller
  • Perfect Massage
  • Massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles
  • On-site Warranty



Bodyfriend Phantom 4D Heating & Rocking Massage Chair India

The BFK-8100 Imperial massage chair uses space capsule-type armrests, embedded-type airbags, and a dotted surface, which means the arms get a comfortable massage, irrespective of the angle at which the chair is reclined.

This feature in combination with the air pressure massage on seat and leg areas, and the zero-gravity function, allows your body to enjoy a sensation of comfort.

4D curved rail technology which, in combination with the patented 4D massage mechanical core, offers a multi-angle integrated massage for your back and buttocks.

This technology is a breakthrough, in that it exceeds the capabilities of the traditional L-shaped rail Each individual part and the massage chair as a whole is manufactured under the strictest production standards.

There are 5 major categories that comprise over 169 quality inspection procedures for each massage chair, such as the raw materials inspection, the semi-finished product assembly process inspection, the assembly inspection, and the ex-factory product inspection.

Our pursuit of perfection in quality has one goal: to offer our consumers the perfect experience.

The imperial massage chair has low energy consumption. While the working power of the massage chair is 240 W, its energy consumption is only 1 W in standby mode, which meets European ECO standards.

The internal structure has a constant pressure design, and the motor, valves, and air pump use 24 V safety voltage.

You have the option to use a smartphone or a tablet computer to control the massage chair via Bluetooth.

Connect your device via Bluetooth to the chair’s intelligent terminal to play music, or connect via the audio cable to the chair’s connector base.


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