Spacecrafts Folding Easy Cushioned Recliner Chair India

Key Features of Spacecrafts Folding Easy Cushioned Recliner Chair

  • Five-stage reclining positions
  • Cushion supported Metal Armrests
  • Metal Handles And Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Folding easy chair made in India
  • Lift both handles simultaneously and then lean back to recline backward and release the handles at your desired position
  • Press the footrest with your feet to come forward and release it at your desired position



Spacecrafts Folding Easy Cushioned Recliner Chair India

Our Spacecrafts reclining easy chair also acts like a zero gravity chair by providing six stages of most comfortable positions to relax your sore muscles; all positions are securely held with a locking mechanism.

This way, you can feel fully supported when you find your favorite position.

Our recliner chair has six reclining positions, making it a utility chair that provides all-purpose for all age groups.

Since its upholstery is filled with reckoning it provides the ultimate comfort for long term usage even for the older people at our homes.

Spacecrafts Recliner is the ideal way to relax. The Spacecrafts Recliner complemented by both back and seat pad recron cushions and the set has been made with powder-coated tubular metal finished frame, making it both weatherproof and strong.

Spacecrafts foldable recliner chair is easy to carry. It is a combination of both a recliner sofa and an easy chair.


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